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2018 has had been busy again for the League. You will see from the list below we are providing more equipment for the benefit of the patients upgrading the wards with 18 bedside cabinets with lockable medication lockers to enable to patients to have control of their medication as well as to staff which will prevent them from becoming institutionalized. We have on order 10 fully electric beds which can be controlled by both the staff and patient. We have purchased 6 bedside tables. A hoist has been provided and we continue to maintain the Sensory garden and the fish tank. We had a donation of £2,500 from the "Singing Seagulls" and another ward will be upgraded with a new electric bed and locker.

2017 Another busy year of requests from the Hospital and we have provided £20963.94 of equipment which includes Arjo Standing Air, Dynamap, Mattresses, Cosi chairss, INR Machine, Rondish Bed Mat Kit. This month we have provided modern bedside cabinets for patients medicine and bedside tables.

October 2016 we had a very busy meeting and were asked to provide an INR machine- This is a machine to test the blood on site so the Doctors can prescribe the right medication immediately without having to wait for results from Truro. We also provided a Dobbler ultrasound machine to measure arterial pulses for £2478 and 2 Phase 111 mattesses for the patients. We also took delivery of Rondish Sensory mats, Paediatric Pulse Oximeter and 2 Cose chairs . Last month we provided 24 stacking chairs that can be moved around the Hospital for Guests to use, an Arjo Standing Aid for £5889.00. and 8 commodes.

The League of Friends has purchased a "Sensory Portaire" for the Helston Community Hospital. This is a piece of equipment that helps calm confused patients. This equipment is portable and calms distressed patients by playing music, displaying pictures, lights and movements on the wall. Sister Teresa said it has made such a difference all the staff have been impressed with the results.

This year we have purchased the following for the hospital:- 2 Nimbus 3 Mattress and Pump, Trauma Stretcher (Couch/Trolly MIU), Roof Blinds for Conservatory, 6 Soft Form Premier Mattresses, Christmas monies for patients, 4 Flo-Tech Contour Cushions, Maintenance of Aquarium in Outpatients' Waiting Room, Replacement TV in Rooms 5, 6 & 18, Sundry repairs to TVs, Plants and Bulbs for Sensory Garden, Easter Eggs, Replacement light fitting for Aquarium, replacement remote handset for TV totalling £13939.54.

The League has provided a lot of equipment for the Hospital including soft furnishings and updated the televisions for the digital switchover in 2009. The League also built an extension "Jack Johns Suite" which can be used by the families of patients who are very sick. At the moment we are providing a Sensory Garden, Large Conservatory and extra Car Parking for the Hospital. Scroll down for full list of purchase.

The League has agreed to provide the following for the hospital- Accusonic Advantage Ultrasound to help patients with Parkinson's disease and MS, 4 new wheel chairs, looking into refurbishing the Staffroom, Recumbent static bike for the Day room, and cushions new Tv's for the patients rooms.. A new sink in the hair stylists room,2 electric recliner and raiser chair, small plastic steps , Phase 3 mattresses, Nimbus Matress, "Sensory Potare", taken on the maintenance of the Fish Tank in the reception area and a new hot water tea maker in the Day Room. 3 Bedside tables for the Conservatory and 6 Nebulising machines.

"Jack Johns" Suite
"Jack Johns Suite" built by the League with money from Mr Jack Johns to provide an apartment for patients families to shower, prepare some food or just take a break from a bedside vigil.

This is also used by staff to assess whether patients are capable of looking after themselves before being allowed home

2018 Financial Year the following was purchased for the hospital

18 Bedside cabinets £10495;
Sabina Hoist £2359;
Careflex Hydrotilt Chair £2009;
6 Bedside Tables £1696;
Maintenance of the Aquarium in Outpatients Waiting Room £609;
Christmas monies for Patients £299;
Maintenance of Sensory Garden £249; Easter Eggs for patients £80.

Total expenditure for the year £17796,00.


2017 Financial Year the following was purchased for the hospital

Arjo Standing Aid £5889.00
4 x Dynamap £4780.00
2 x Phase 111 Mattresses and Pumps £3100.00
Doppler Machine £2478.00
2 x Cose Chairs £1800.00
INR Machine £811.00
Maintenance of Fish Tank £546.00
Garden Maintenance £524.97
Rondish Bed Mat Kit £507.22
Christmas Monies for Patients etc £380.00
Bench with secure storage box for Sensory Garden £146.24

Total expenditure for the year £20,963.94



2016 Financial Year the following was purchased for the hospital

2 Phase 111 Mattresses and pumps £3100.00
8 Commodes £2792
Staff Dining room table andchairs £2275.02
Staff dining table 14 upright chairs £1596.00
6 chairs for Patients' Day Room £1,425.60
Staff dining circular Dining Table £763.20
Maintenance of Aquarium in Outpatients £588.00
Replacement TVs £513.00
25 Stacking chairs
2 Manual Wheelchairs £488.00
Christmas monies for patients £360.00
Replacement TV £299.50
Bench for internal Garden £299.00
Maintenance for Sensory Garden £296.59
Bench for Sensory garden memory of Mr and Mrs Wallace Champion £287.95
Replacement TV £273.60
Replacement TV £237.00
New light tube and air pump for Aquarium £63.50
Easter Eggs for patients £54.75

Total expenditure for the year £165,221.21

2015 Financial year the following was purchased for the hospital

2 x Phase 111 Mattresses and Pumps £3798.00
Cricket 2 Stand (standing aid) £859
Ultrasound Accusonic Plus Metron & Probe £745.75
Recumbent Exercise Bike for Day Room £628.80
Digital weighing Scales £616.31
Maintenance of Aquarium in Outpatients £553.
2 Manual Wheelchairs £530
Christmas Monies for patients £360.00
Pulse Oximeter £299.70
relacements TV £2082.60
Aquarium light controller and tube £60
Tree for front garden £46.50
Easter Eggs for Patients £36.00
replacement remote for TV in Day room £35.40
Aquarium new pump and airline £29.94

Total expenditure for the year £10681.79


2013 Financial year the following was purchased for the hospital

Sensory Portare - £2844
Phase 3 Mattress System - £1750
Hairstylist's Basin - £1167
Hydroboil for Day Hospital _ £1458
Woodcote Upholstered Recliner - £900
Maintenance of Aquarium in Outpatients Waiting Room £465
Replacement TVs in Rooms 15, 16 and in Jack Johns Suite - £701
Christmas monies for Patients - £360
Steps for Physiotherapy Department - £332
Replacement DVD in Day room - £75
Easter Eggs for Patients - £34

Total Expenditure for the year 2013 £10,086.00

2012 Financial year the following was purchased for the hospital

2 Nimbus 3 Mattresses and Pumps £7056.62
Trauma Stretcher (Couch/Trolly MIU) £2260.00
Roof Blinds for Conservatory £1549.00
6 Soft form Premier Mattresses £1228.26
Christmas monies for Patients £360.00
4 Flo-Tech Contour Cushions £323.68
Maintenance of Aquarium in Outpatients Waiting room £245.00
Plants and bulbs for Sensory Garden £60.39
Easter Eggs £48.00
3 Replacements TV £743.60
replacement light fitting for Aquarium £35.00
Replacement handset for TV £29.99

Total expenditure £13,939.54 on equipment

2011 Financial year the following was purchased for the hospital

Contribution towards Extra Parking £130,000
Rhapsody Hydro Massage Bath £12,698.00
Furniture for Conservatory £5,190.00
Christmas Monies for Patients £360
Christmas Monies for Staff £250.
Replacement TV Room 12 £238.80
Replacement TV Room 8 £229.00
Monies for Patients Jubilee Celebrations £200
Toys for Minor Injuries Unit £108.64
Easter Eggs £72.00.

Total Expenditure for the year 2011 £149,346.44

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